IDIC Financial
We have the opportunity everyday to start over. Every day because of that. We also have no one to blame if our lives are not what we want..png


IDIC uses a cutting edge approach to delivering financial services.  

We bring financial literacy to your organization. 

Why IDIC? 

1. Increased Focus

Our Services all you the freedom to have laser sharp focus on the things that matter most to your company. 

2. Greater Leverage

With increased focus comes greater leverage of your organization's resources. You'll be able to do more with what you have and increase your organization's impact. 

3. We Know What You Don't

And Frankly, With More Than 20 year in the financial industry we know things that you may not. we bring this vast insight and experience to your situation. 


What Does IDIC Do For You? 

1. Financial Advice On Tap

You'll have real time access to our vast experience to answer any financial questions you might have.  Also, we will help you with our insight when you have to decide between one financial product or another. This connectivity is available six days a week for you and the members of your organization.

2. The Money Checkup

IDIC Financial provides a personal money check-up for each member of your organization on a bi-annual or annual basis as needed. We use the DART method to perform a summary financial plan that helps give direction to the people in your organization.

3. The Entrepreneur Blueprint.

The Entrepreneur Blueprint lets you the owner of the business work on your business.  It is a annual plan that helps you keep focus on your business.  Ask us about it.

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