IDIC Financial
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About IDIC

What is IDIC?  IDIC stands for Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.  

We believe in the infinite possibilities of the world at large, including our approach to finance.  

We also believe in being unconventional in a space where everything "fits" in a box.

We often find it is this combination that gives us the ability to see opportunity in unexpected places.


From the beginning ...

Our founder James H Lewis II began life in a non-traditional home, and grew up in a household full of people who made bad financial choices. This helped him gain some keen financial insights at an early age. He used his budding financial acumen to create a couple of small startup businesses by the time he got out of high school, determined to uncover a better way to live.

Through the masses..

Over the next 20 years our founder would experience many models of financial services, all of them designed to benefit the provider more than the client. He watched the industry move further and further away from giving recommendations towards moving products.  Now with regulatory issues on top of the industry behavior the average person is left without accessible financial insight and problem solving.  This is the prevailing model today, and it leaves small organizations and individuals at a distinct disadvantage.

To infinite combinations...

Now here we are today. There’s a change in the air. We clearly see a way to provide financial services in a way that allows for the interest of the organization, its members and the financial provider to align. This methodology allows for the infinite combinations or personal situations to be addressed, and empowers the financial guru with the ability to use infinite combinations to solve problems.  By using our resources and knowledge we hope to create world full of financially literate individuals and entrepreneurs.